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Thursday, 24 March 2011


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I really like your remark about how wearing a headscarf can be a compromise for people between their family and heritage, and their working educated life. I also really like poet's comment about how oppressive clothes are being reclaimed by western women.
It is really crazy how headscarves have been so vilified in the last few years. And that it is okay for females to wear 'fashion turbans', or headbands, or a bunch of different things on their heads for fashion reasons, but not headscarves. It is the imagined intent that matters, rather than just the simple act of covering hair. and as you've shown, that intent is being grossly misinterpreted.


Excellent post! I too take issue with the politicization and symbolist overload that's happened to the headscarf in a discourse led mostly by representatives of the Western culture continuum. Yes, choice is the key: If we truly want women's lib, and a liberal attitude in general, to arrive inside the next generation's minds, certainly banning them from wearing certain garments in school is not the right strategy. Teaching more feminism and diversity might accomplish that goal, but that would include acknowledging that a woman can make an informed choice about wearing or not wearing a headscarf. (Another interesting thing is how Western garments that used to be symbols and even tools for female oppression have been completely reclaimed by the modern woman and nobody seems to take issue with that - I've written about this here: http://seamstress-stories.blogspot.com/2011/02/high-heels-yay-headscarf-nay-double.html)

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